What are the Ashta (8) Siddhis and Nava (9) Nidhis

Hanuman Chalisa Shlok 31 mentions Ashta Siddhis and Nav Nidhis.”
Donor of Ashta Siddhi Nava Nidhi, Aas Bara Dinha Janaki Mata


Ashta Siddhis and Nava Nidhis With Meaning..

Mother Sita had blessed you to be the giver of 8 Siddhis (supernatural powers) and 9 Nidhis (divine treasures).

The 8 Siddhis (supernatural powers) are:

Anima: Ability to shrink someone’s size
Mahima: Ability to increase one’s size
Dignity: The ability to increase one’s weight infinitely.
Laghima: Ability to become lighter than the lightest
Prapti: Ability to receive anything
Prakamya: Ability to achieve anything desired
Ishitva: lordship over creation
Vashitva: Having control over things

There are 9 Nidhis (treasures):

Mahapadma: The great lotus flower
Padma: Lotus/Himalayan lake with treasures
conch shell
Makara: Crocodile/Surma
Kachhap: Tortoise or tortoise shell
Mukund: Cinnabar/Quick Silver
Top: Jasmine / Arsenic
Blue: Sapphire/Antimony
Kharva: Cups, utensils cooked in the fire

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